We’re so used to seeing our clients’ faces all the time and being able to share in their joy after
providing them with our services. Right now, we can’t physically do these things so we have to work with what we’ve got.

That’s why it’s so important right now to stay in connection with them through social media. That doesn’t mean just you alone, but everyone on the team!


The best marketing strategy ever: CARE” – Gary Vaynerchuk


The first thought of social media may stress you out…but think of this as an opportunity instead.

This is an opportunity to let your clients know that you care and an opportunity to get creative, have fun, and stand out on each social media platform.

Watch this training for some fun and creative ways to help your whole team stay engaged on social media with their clients:

Use this Social Media Content handout to follow along during the video training:


Three top platforms to focus on:
1.) Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook business page should have activity going on throughout the week. Post all of your awesome hair pictures, your promotional content, and even some fun posts of your team. It’s a great place where you can go live and educate your target market and interact with your clients. Go even further to create a Facebook Group for your most loyal clients to make them feel special and host some VIP contests.

2.) Instagram

In order to stay relevant on Instagram, you must be engaged every day and like and comment at least 10 times. It goes by an algorithm based on engagement. So, if you want people to see your posts, you need to like and comment on other accounts that you follow, post Instagram stories, go live, and post pictures with hashtags.

3.) Google

When people Google your business, where do you show up? If you’re down pretty far on the page, there are some strategies you can do to get you up to the top 5. These include asking your clients to review you, posting pictures on your Google page, ask some questions and answer them on your Google page so that when certain key words are searched on Google that your business shows up. Finally, always respond back to your reviews.

Now you may be asking “What should I be posting?”
1.) Post a Quote

Everyone could always use some inspiration on their feed every once in a while so posting a quote once a week keeps it light, warm, and inviting.

2.) Ask your Clients for a Review

This is an opportunity to rack up reviews for your Google presence and also get them engaged by offering a $10 giftcard or free products. Make sure you give them easy links to click on so they don’t have to go out of their way. Remember, always answer back to every review!

3.) Host a Contest

A fun and interactive way to get your business to stand out is hosting contests. Creating an online bingo game and having them post it to your Facebook page is a good idea for people who are home and have the time to do it to earn some prizes.

4.) Poll your Audience

Make a post and ask your clients what they want to see more of. This way you’ll be able to target in on what gets the most popularity and what you can filter out. Ask them if they have any questions from the professionals and make them feel heard.

5.) Post a Funny Picture

With everything going on in the world right now sometimes we need a little light humor on our feed. Clients want to associate you with happiness. This can also boost your likes and can be great to break up the monotony of promotions. Memes are very popular on social media so search for some that match with your brand and culture.

6.) Post Videos

Videos get a lot of engagement. Tutorials, how-to’s, any kind of education tend to pull lots of views. If you haven’t done videos in the past, play around with it and get comfortable with being in front of the camera. Your clients want to see your face and hear your voice!

Now, what will you commit to as a team?

It’s time to create a plan for how you will show up for your clients through social media.

Plan a team meeting and discuss who will post those how-to videos, who will go live and answer some client questions, who will post some inspiration, or whatever you know your clients want to see. Try this 5 days a week and see what kind of positive responses you get!


Download our Marketing Calendar Tool to get some creative ideas on how to keep your clients excited to see what you post each month and develop your own plan!

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