It’s hard to believe we are more than halfway through 2018, and around here that means it’s mid-year review time. I always like to think of mid-year reviews as the half-time huddle of your salon/spa’s performance Superbowl. Mid-year check-ins can be a powerful tool to help summarize, celebrate, challenge and inspire your team to greatness!

So, do you currently facilitate mid-year reviews with team members?

If you DON’T, you need to start!

If you DO perform mid-year reviews, do you follow a system… or do you just sort of wing it?

Watch this video on Mid-Year Check Ups.

Ready to start your own mid-year reviews? Here are some tips on what we do to facilitate great check-ins at our own salons/spas:


It’s important to demonstrate your gratitude for everything your team has done in the past 6 months. Now, when I say show gratitude for everything, I mean everything! Look at more than just how much money a team member has generated. It’s a time to appreciate the hard work your team has put in for all the projects and/or milestones that they have accomplished this year so far.


While you shouldn’t JUST look at revenue, I don’t mean that you should completely gloss over it. Numbers are factual and very telling in your team’s performance, and numbers give you hard objectives/goals for your team to strive for. During your mid-year check-in, you will want to review your team’s numbers in areas such as service and retail revenue, re-books, referrals, etc.


All the reviewing doesn’t do anything if you don’t have next steps. Create an action plan for the remaining year. What does each team member need to do to achieve their year-end goal? What are their weekly goals?


Your team members are a key part of the review process. Ask lots of questions to get feedback from your team. Keep an open mind, because although you may think you know everything, it’s more likely that you do not. It’s critical to empower team members to take ownership of their goals and help them challenge themselves over the remaining 6 months of the year.

If you need help with the key questions, we’ve included the the below checklist of questions you can use during your mid-year review. It’s our gift to you for being part of our community.




If you need help maximizing the tool or if you want some customized strategy on improving your salon’s level of performance, sign up for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with an Empowering You Coach. We’d love to dig in deeper and get to know you and your business.