Empowering You coach and consultant Kim Gibson sits down with salon owner and boss babe VaneSa Martinez where they chat about VaneSa’s journey from being known as the “cheap salon” in the area to now more than doubling (113.6%) her average service ticket and thriving.


Watch this discussion to hear VaneSa’s story on how she completely flipped her business, her mindset, and her life.

VaneSa had her “aha!” moment back in 2019 when she attended her first Empowering You class and she explains that she realized that she needed to get out of her own way and decided to put on her CEO hat.

VaneSa attended B-School for Industry, hired a coach, and instantly saw a huge difference in her salon.

Here are just a few highlights that Kim and VaneSa discuss on this episode of Beauty Boss Talks:

  • How she led her team to help her create the business of her dreams
  • What made her change her vision and her team culture

  • How she changed the way she was living life to now allow her unbelievable freedom

  • Finally, the one thing that made the biggest difference in setting herself and her salon up for success

If you’re like VaneSa and know that you’re ready for something bigger or just need a guiding hand from a coach who’s been there, done that, we can be that for you! Schedule a free strategy session with one of our coaches and see what your next step is in your beauty business.

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