We all have those days where we just don’t wanna. It’s okay to have days like this… but when
those days come more often than not, that’s when we have to reconnect with ourselves and
remind ourselves why we’re in this business.

Staying focused and motivated is much easier said than done, I think we can all agree. But,
when you have the right tools to help you through it, you have the power to control how you
stay on track.

It all starts with the basics!

Watch this training to learn 3 ways on how to stay focused and connected each day with yourself, your team, and your clients:

Use this Communicate and Motivate handout to follow along during the video training:


What’s your WHY?

Start by asking yourself why you do what you do.

Why did you start in this industry?

Why did you choose to work at the salon that you work at currently?

Maybe you can’t think of why you started. Is it because you have gotten so wrapped up in the business of life that you have forgotten your “why” and can’t seem find it?

1.) How to Discover Your WHY

What gets you excited about your job? What do you get excited about each day when you walk
into your work? Have there been experiences in the past that made you feel so good about what you do and the services that you provide? Think about your clients and the people whose
lives you’ve changed. Tap into that and really remember how that made you feel.

2.) Clear Goals For You

Once you’ve figured out your “why”, it’s time to figure out what your big dreams are. These two
are connected because that determines what changes you need to make to be able to achieve
what you really want. Your “why” provides stability and direction. Stay committed to those
goals you’ve made for yourself. Share them out loud to others, write them down every day, live
vicariously through them. Get really clear on your money goals. How much do you want to
make? Look at your numbers consistently so that you know how much you need to produce to
get there.

3.) Serve Your Guests

Our guests only want two things: solutions to their problems and to feel good! We can’t assume that they always know what they want when they come into our business; it’s our job to figure it out by asking them questions and having a strong consultation. Educate them on what you’re doing and what you’re using. Recommend what to do at home so they can recreate the look. Like every customer experience, if it’s truly mind-blowing, your guests will be excited to pay more!


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