Back-to-School promotions aren’t limited to just school necessities. According to American Express Spending & Savings Tracker the average American’s back-to-school budget is $630 to be spent on this season on an array of items, which are not all classroom supplies. 46% will be spent on personal grooming from haircuts, colors, manicure/pedicures, spa treatments and waxing. The question is… Is your salon/spa ready?

The Salons and Spas industry has a huge opportunity to tap into the back-to-school market. Students of all ages will be looking for a fresh start for the new school year and your salon/spa is just the place to help them achieve this. By planning your “Back to School” promotions now, you have better chances of being fully booked once the back-to-school rush hits. Here are a few things to consider:

Marketing: One of the most effective ways to get the word out on the street about your back-to-school promotions is by taking advantage of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can remind clients to make time for salon appointments while they are running around town gather their new school clothes and supplies. Don’t forget to provide details on your back-to-school promotions and special deals. Be certain to post photos of trendy student’s haircuts & styles to gain interest!

Other Marketing Ideas: In-salon/spa signage, create promotional script for employees to educate guests on promotions, postcard mailing to client list, email or text messages, don’t forget to put your back-to-school promotion on your website.

Promotional Ideas: Once again, students of all ages are looking to get a new fresh look for the start of the new school year. Don’t just limit your promotions to haircuts. The back to school market is huge and make certain your salon/spa is tapping into it. Things to consider when developing your promotions: how about those larger size products, such as liter or even gallon size products for dorm rooms. Haircut and color combo’s, customized make-up palettes for the new student, 2 for 1 children’s haircuts, customized style pack for all types of hair, and how about a little relaxation… offer back-to-school relation massages to help relieve the stress and tension of the older student going back to school. Remember, be creative and have fun when creating you back-to-school promotions.

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