Clients don’t come back to your salon/spa for many reasons: price, convenience, service, scheduling, disaffection… just to name a few. The cold, hard fact is that we do lose them!

Research shows that it costs more to obtain new clients than it does to keep existing ones. The first thing we must do is recognize that we’ve lost them. When having this conversation with salon/spa owners I hear all the reasons/excuses why the client hasn’t returned, such as “oh, the client is busy” or “they must be out of town”. The list of excuses goes on and on. You see, it’s easier to make excuses than face the reality that they haven’t returned. On the upside, even though they haven’t returned or booked for an up-and-coming appointment doesn’t necessarily mean that we have lost them forever!

After you have come to grips with the fact that they haven’t returned yet, you need a plan to recapture them as a customer.

The formula is quite straightforward: Ask them to return and give them a reason to return. Yes, it’s truly that simple.

I have seen the most success with recapturing lost customers by inviting them back into the salon. You can send a personal letter, an email “we miss you” campaign or a simple postcard. Regardless of the vehicle of your communication, the message is simple. You miss them, you personally are inviting them to return, and you are offering them a juicy incentive to come back and give your salon/spa another chance. I also suggest that you extend the invitation to contact you personally if they did not enjoy their last service. This will give you the opportunity to directly correct a wrong and make it right!

The lost client campaign is an inexpensive and effective way to make those clients feel appreciated and let them know you want them. It truly is that simple!

We’ve included an example “We Miss You” marketing tool – thank you for being part of the Empowering You community!


Once you have received your “Recapture Client Example Marketing Tool”, make sure you create a system for you and your team to consistently reach out to past clients.

We hope you enjoy this tool!

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