“Having money isn’t everything, not having it is.” ~Kanye West

Did you know that 74% of all businesses in the United States are NOT profitable?

Why is your salon or spa not profitable?

The culprit is usually one or more of these things…

  • Prices are too low
  • Productivity is too low
  • Expenses are through the roof
  • Commissions are too high
  • Retail is an afterthought

Salon & spa owners don’t plan for profits….we hope for them!

Watch the video below to learn the 10 steps to take to make your salon or spa more profitable!

The best thing about the 10 steps outlined in the video is that you probably already do them to some capacity; it’s not rocket science. 

But the key is to create effective systems around those areas so that you and your team do them consistently, day in and day out.

Need help creating systems that lead to profits? Sign up for a Strategy Session to speak with one of our coaches to see what’s the best next step for you and your salon or spa.

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