The third-quarter slump shows up like clockwork every August. It’s the peak of summer heat. September is now here but the changing of the calendar doesn’t do anything about how busy – even overwhelmed – we can find ourselves.

School is back, and for parents in the beauty biz, that shrinks your calendar as all the demanding festivities come into play.

Even if you don’t have kids, it seems quarter 3 is out to get us: summer’s fun weekends sit in the rear-view mirror and holiday stress is right around the corner.

It’s enough to make giving up and giving in to burnout seem like a reasonable option.

Instead, resilient business owners and beauty pros like us find ways to thrive.

We don’t give in to burnout, we break through, finding solutions that lead to satisfaction, success, and sustained profits.

That’s why we hosted a 5 day challenge to re-inspire, motivate, and get you back on track to finishing this year off stronger than you started!

Ready to go through the 5 steps of banishing burnout? You’ve come this far, keep reading and watch the trainings below!



Meg started the challenge off hot with talking about realigning ourselves with our vision and how to create a plan to hit our goals. Before you take action, you have to know where you’re going. And if you’re reading this right now, we already know you’re headed to big things!


Do you ever look back and wonder what the heck was wrong with you when you hired certain people? Amy goes into detail about how to do recruiting the right way, ways to connect with your team more, and how to get them to support your vision.


“Following” the leader may have worked in middle school but in adulthood- not so much! That’s why Kim goes over how to improve your leadership skills and the importance of strong leadership and how it’s the catalyst for a happy, healthy culture.


“Show me the money” has never been more true! During this training, Amy dives into taking a pulse check of your business and really knowing where every single cent goes. She also shows how to plan for more profits in the future instead of shooting your shot in the dark.


Does chaos run through your veins? Kim discusses simple and easy ways to avoid chaos and how to implement systems to create ease and consistency. You’ll be able to delegate tasks off, create more freedom, and bring in revenue in areas of your business you didn’t know you could!

We know this is all easier said than done.

Trust us, we’ve been there before and we’ve also helped hundreds of owners get out of their own way to really thrive and grow.

We can help you stay on track, hold you accountable, and support you wherever you are and whatever stage you’re at in your business.

Sign up for a complimentary strategy session and leave the call with an action plan on what to do next for your business. This is our jam, we’d love to chat!

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