Wanna figure out what to repeat and what to toss for 2024?

It’s time to make business different this year and I’m not talking about more hustle or creating more work for yourself.

We’re going to rise to the next level of being savvy, modern CEO’s in our business!

It all starts with focusing on ourselves.


Watch this training to see the 4 sneaky ways you’re burning yourself out and how to stop.

Select or Stop:

Narrowing down who you want to work with and identifying your ideal clients and team will create clarity on how you want to market yourself. Are you spending an arm and a leg on advertisements just to see what sticks? Make a list of your non-negotiable when it comes to employees and clients. 

Eliminate or Elevate:

Are you letting your business highjack your life? You’ve got to be real with yourself on your workload capacity. What in your life would improve if you were to shift your workload? Are you pricing your services accordingly? Your life could drastically change if you charge what you REALLY want to charge.


A big reason owners get burnt out is because they don’t have the right systems in place and are doing way too much administrative work that could be streamlined. Be sure to jot down notes from the training on what systems you should have to leverage your business.


Are you developing leaders within your company so that you’re not needed 24/7? The days of doing everything yourself because it’s easier or not having time to train are no more! Improving your bottom line and making sure you have people you can trust in your business that have the right leadership skills is vital to getting the freedom you want.

It’s time to focus on yourSELF for 2024. If you focus on these 4 areas, you will set yourself up for a successful, prosperous, and joyful year!

If this training speaks to you and you’re craving more on how to dive into making this year more streamlined so that you can have freedom, systems in place, and leadership inside of your business, join us for our Power Up Your Leadership program!

This program will truly change the way you do business forever. It will teach you how to strengthen your team culture, how to communicate and bond with your employees, how to motivate them, and guide them to reach their goals.