Did you know that most salons and spas leave hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the table every week? There are so many opportunities to make more money but we have to teach ourselves how to LOOK for them.

Here are six steps that will help you find discover those hidden areas of profit:

1.) The Customer Greeting

The front desk is the hub of your salon or spa. They are usually the first ones the client sees when they walk in and the first ones they talk to. Do you know if they properly greet clients as they walk in? Are they telling them about promotions or letting them know of any openings available for add-on services? Are the stylists? Having a strong script for everyone on the team is extremely important when it comes to increasing sales.

2.) The Service Experience

One of the biggest ways to plant seeds is to give your clients tours of your business. Do they know about all the services you provide? If you’re not telling or showing them, then probably not. Does every staff member have service and product knowledge? Are they recommending products properly? Having a strong and powerful consultation script is vital to hitting your retail sales goals.

3.) The Education Experience

Educating a client is very different from selling to a client. This means that the client knows what the service provider is doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it. Educating a client on how they take care of their hair at home is just as important because it’s an opportunity to let your client know which products they can take home to achieve the same look.

4.) The Checkout Experience

It’s so important to have powerful front desk closers. Does your front desk have a strong script when it comes to pre-booking and selling the products that were used on the client that day? Lastly, this a time to ask the client how they enjoyed their service to make sure everyone did their job right and really making sure that we are connecting with the client.


Want to know how much more you could be making just by booking each client one more time? Download our Turn Ratio Tool to help you get a birds eye view and see where you could be putting systems in place to making sure that happens.

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