Have you ever walked into a business and felt a certain “vibe” or “aura” that is given off by the atmosphere or the people that work there? 

Sometimes it can be a negative experience and sometimes a positive one, depending on the behaviors and actions of those individuals. When a business has a bad culture, it can be felt by not only you and your team, but your customers as well.

If you could imagine a perfect work culture, what would that look like?

You may think that you’re too far in the rabbit hole to come out, but it is possible to redesign your team culture so that it aligns with your business’s core vision and mission.

Watch this training to learn how to create the culture you’ve been dreaming of:

Use this Culture Checkup handout to follow along during the video training:


1.) Culture Defined

What is culture exactly? Culture is the behaviors, actions, and beliefs shared by a group of people. There are many aspects of a culture that must be functioning properly; from communication style to decision making to team approach. It’s something that shapes a business and if you’re very clear on how you want your culture to be, you can define it and put the right practices into your business to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

2.) Culture by Default or Design

Whether we plan it or not, every business has a culture. It’s important that we create one that we love. Step back and analyze what your vision is and what you want to accomplish in the next 5-10 years. If your vision is to be a fun and inviting environment, then make sure you CREATE a fun and inviting environment. If you want your business to have high energy then you have to hire people that embody that. Next, look you at your mission. This is what you promise to your clients and how you will accomplish your vision. Then, look at your core values that really represent your business. All of this creates your business plan which then creates all the actions that happen within it.

3.) Realigning Culture

After assessing all of the elements that embodies your culture, it’s time to get the whole team on board. Have a team meeting to clarify and establish what the culture is and how to speak it, live it, and act upon it. Show your support to them by providing clear, set-in-stone direction.


Download our Core Values Tool to help guide you through the process of figuring out what values mean the most to your business. This is a great bonding experience to have with your team and also get some insight in how they view the team culture.

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