I’ve got a couple of questions for you…

Did you know that most salon and spa clients buy products within 24-48 hours of leaving your salon? 

Now, the next question is… are they buying from you?

Watch this video to learn how to get the sale (without being salesy):

Remember, clients want TWO things:

  1. Solutions to their problems.
  2. To feel good!

So are you listening to your guests’ needs and offering solutions to fulfill them (and exceeding their expectations while you do it)?

At Empowering You, we teach salon and spa owners to create a Culture of Service. Here are some of the key areas of creating a customer-centered environment in your own business:

Uncover Your Guests’ Needs

We teach owners and their staff how to give killer consultations, so they know exactly what a client is expecting and how to fulfill it with excellence. Not only will your customers get the perfect service they’re looking for, but they’ll feel heard and appreciated by your staff. You can check out our Double Your Day Tool for the exact script we teach for killer consultations. 

Use Scripts

Since we’re on the topic of scripts, it’s important to use scripts in your business because they allow us to be consistent and thorough in every area of business. We teach scripts for greeting, upselling, retail, rebooking, check out, follow up, and more. Scripts ensure that you give quality service, with every single client, every time. 

Give Incentives

Most clients will spend more if you give them a good reason to. There are lots of ways to offer client incentives. Some examples:

  • Loyalty and referral programs
  • Sample menu
  • Upgrade discount
  • Holiday discounts
  • Customer appreciation events

And don’t just encourage your clients. Motivate your staff with incentives too! For example, whoever sells the most of XYZ product gets a bonus or prize.

Know that YOU’re Amazing

Be confident. You’re in this industry for a reason and YOU are a key reason for clients to come back. You create solutions for them and you rock the house! Keep client experience top of mind in every action and detail, and your staff will follow your lead. And that’s how you create a Culture of Service that will keep clients coming back, again and again. 

Double Your Day

Sometimes clients say “no” and that’s okay. Just remember that you are not just trying to sell, but you are offering solutions to desires your clients already have. If you need inspiration for upping your service game without feeling like a used car salesperson, check out our Double Your Day Tool

We want to hear from you! Are you afraid of being salesy? How do you get clients to say “yes”? What types of strategies have you used to create a Culture of Service?

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