As salon and spa owners, we’re often so focused on the latest beauty trends and creating effective marketing that we take our eyes off the one thing that really matters.


We all know how important client satisfaction is, but we often neglect the other people that have the biggest impact on our bottom line… and that’s our employees. 

When you have happy employees, the benefits include: 

  • More satisfied customers because your staff is coming to work with a positive attitude and incentive to please
  • Lower turnover so you’re spending less time and money on hiring and training new people
  • Increase productivity
  • And higher revenue because of all of the above

What if you could gauge exactly how well you’re leading your employees? What if you could pinpoint exactly which areas are keeping you (and your business revenue) stuck in place?

Watch this video to use the “Waterline Model” to diagnose the problem areas in your salon/spa management:

When you’re experiencing a breakdown in business operations, it falls into one of these categories:


If your spa or salon’s overall vision and values aren’t clear to your staff, they’re going to fall short of your expectations. Is your management structure clearly defined? Do you have clear job descriptions for each individual? If you’re not sure, then your employees are definitely confused. Start here at the top and make sure that all the areas of your company structure are clearly defined.


What issues affect the entire group of people at your business? For example, how are decisions made in your business? When you make a decision, how do you make sure the entire team is on the same page? Decision-making is just one area that can affect the entire group of people working under you. If you’re not systematically reviewing and planning, then you’re not managing your salon/spa well.


How do your employees interact with one another? Does your salon or spa suffer from gossip? How do you deal with the conflict between your staff? Interpersonal issues stem from issues in structure and group management… and it’s where we start really feeling the DRAMA that so many salons and spas suffer from.


These are the individual issues that may be affecting how your team works together. Is someone dealing with a lot of stress inside and outside of work? Are they lacking in skills that may be holding them back from feeling comfortable in their role? Make sure that individually your team members feel valued as a part of your business and that they are getting the support they need to excel at what they do.

Remember to start with Structure and work your way down the waterline. The first two categories usually are the biggest problem areas in any business (not just salons and spas).

But there’s more.

Ready for the next step? Download our Employee Satisfaction Survey Tool to measure your staff’s engagement with your company. Have each employee take the survey (or create a similar survey of your own) and see how you’re doing as a leader.

It may be difficult seeing the truth about what’s going on in your salon, but we promise that in the long run that it’s critical for you to know which areas you need to work on.

We want to hear from you too. Comment below with some of the management issues you’re dealing with in your business. What steps are you going to take to resolve them? What past issues did you deal with successfully?

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