When you think about your mindset around money is it positive or negative?

We all have this thought about money that stems from what we were taught when we were younger.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard to make a lot!”

“You can’t make a lot of money doing what you love”

“Money doesn’t come easy”

Whatever your thought is around money, we have the power to change how we view it.

Watch this training to learn tips on how to shift your mindset from depleting to abundance and how to speak your money goals into existance.

Think about why you want money. Is it to build up a savings? Is it to go on vacation? Is it to buy a new car? Whatever it is, let that be what creates your NEW money mindset.

Once we uncover our unhelpful thoughts about money and start to focus on what our lives could look like, that’s when the magic starts happening.

Start to put small steps into place and celebrate even your smallest wins. Stick to the habits you put into place and add bigger ones until eventually, you reach your goal.

Changes will happen if you have the right support team behind you, the right mindset, and action steps to get you there.


Think and write down your current money mindset challenge and then write down what your new mindset belief will be. Post it up, hang it on your mirror, put it on your desk, just make sure you remind yourself daily!


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