Did you know that 60% of owners report a loss in engagement, productivity, and turnover due to poor leadership?

If you can relate to this, it’s probably because like most owners, you weren’t taught how to properly lead your team. Yes, we all want to be natural born leaders as an owner but only about one third of business owners are. The other two thirds learn on-the-go or have no experience with leadership at all.

Watch this training for tips and tricks on how to communicate effectively and how to always get your point across clear and concise:

Communication is key to handling difficult conversations. Everyone has a different way of communicating and we often forget that not everyone thinks the way we do or takes in information like we do.

The top skills that every true leader needs is communication, influence, leading the team achievements, and developing others.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you’re waiting for your turn to speak and not really taking in what they’re saying? Take a second to think back to that time and ask yourself if this is something you do often and acknowledge that your active listening skills can be improved.

“Seek first to understand, then be understood.” – Steven Covey

One way to improve active listening skills is to ask open ended questions. Ask the person you’re talking with “What about that did you like/not like?” “Can you tell me more?” This way you’re really getting all of the information rather than a yes or no answer which usually stops the conversation before it’s truly finished.

After you hear the person’s situation, paraphrase or repeat back to them what they said to give them confirmation that you were listening. This helps to avoid miscommunication later on.

Communication starts with your own awareness before communicating with others. Be aware of your feelings, the way you come off, your nonverbal communication, how others might interpret you, and truly listening to what the other person is saying.

There’s no better time than now to take on those conversations you’ve been avoiding. Take what you’ve learned from this training and apply it in your own life. Ask yourself what conversations you need to have right now.

Do you need some guidance on how to enhance your communication skills? Download our Awareness Wheel Tool and finally be able to analyze exactly where you need improvement

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