The question we all wonder….is there a magic to making money?

Unless you’re a magician that can make money appear out of thin air, then no. There’s not.

Have you caught yourself wondering why you work so hard, maybe even harder than your coworkers or people you see on social media and think “why am I not making the kind of money that they’re making?”

It all starts with what you really want out of your career. 

Watch this training to find out how to remove the blocks we have that hinders us from making more money.

Maybe you know that you want to buy a house or pay off your credit card debt or even take a European vacation. Whatever it is, this is where you start.

When we figure out what we really want out of life, we can start to take the next step to achieving that goal.

The next step after honing in on what you want, is to find what is blocking you from getting there.

We all have blockages that can be conscious or subconscious. Things we’ve learned growing up about money, how we view money now, all play into what’s holding us back from making more.

Maybe it’s lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, always viewing spending money as “bad”, etc.

This is something we tend not to think about often because it feels so normal to us. Once we identify our “what for” goal and zone in on what our own block is, we can then start to remove that block and start focusing on moving towards our “what for” goal.


Write down your “what for” goal. Connect in with your goal and think about how you’ll feel, what you’ll look like, how the people around you will feel when you reach it. Next, identify your block and write that down too. Then, focus on one action daily this week that will help you get closer to your “what for” goal.


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