As business coaches, we are often asked: “What do I need to do to have a successful and profitable business?”

I wish there were a simple answer, as no two businesses are exactly the same.

However, we always tell our clients that the first thing they must do is to identify where your business is currently and where you want it to go. In other words, what is your point A and what is your point B? How will you get to point B?

In order to create a strategic plan to carry you to your goals, it’s important to identify the key components of your business and identify any areas that may need to be addressed.

  • Do you have systems in place to maximize each area of your business?
  • Are your systems complex or hard to follow? Do they need to be simplified?
  • Is your team following your salon/spa’s systems that you have in place?

Watch this month’s video on Scaling Your Business.


If you need help putting a strategic plan into place so that you can scale and see greater profits, we’ve included an Owner Assessment tool which identifies some key areas of a business that should be addressed in the plan. This assessment will help uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and from there you can implement systems so that your weaknesses can become strengths.

Here’s how to use the tool:

  • Rate your business 1-10 in each of the areas listed. (1 means you don’t do it at all, 10 means you’re a Rockstar in this area.)
  • Add up your score and divide by 100 to see your “grade”.
  • Create some actions you can take in order to raise your score in areas where your business is less than stellar.




Make sure you’re honest… no one is seeing this except you! If you need help with the tool or with creating systems in the areas where you’re not as strong, let us know. We have ready-to-go systems for EVERY area that a salon or spa needs to grow. Trust me, a simple strategy session with our team has changed the lives of our clients and their beauty businesses… we’d love for you to be next.

If you need help maximizing the tool or if you want some customized strategy on improving your salon’s level of performance, sign up for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with an Empowering You Coach. We’d love to dig in deeper and get to know you and your business.