“Who’s on First?”

If you haven’t ever seen the Abbott & Costello skit, make sure you watch it. It’s a great depiction of the problems that poor communication can wreak on a business.


At some point every business owner and/or team member has felt like this! It feels like we’re talking in circles around each other and bumping heads at every turn. We all get into our daily routine and forget the key to a successful business or relationship is communication.

One of the most effective and efficient things a team can do to improve their communication is to commit to a daily huddle.

Now, before you shrug your nose, and say “I can’t even get my team to want to come to a monthly staff meeting.” The purpose of a daily huddle is a quick, standing huddle that allows everyone to check in. They help get your team to communicate, get everyone on the same page and in addition it unites the team while reinforces your salon/spas culture.

If you look at some of the most success business models, you’ll notice that many use huddles as part of their business strategy. The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts is known for their legendary daily huddles. How about Target? Have you ever been shopping at your local Target and witnesses their daily huddles? These short 15-minute meetings are the key to strengthen your salon/spa communication.

Whether you facilitate a daily or weekly huddle, the key to its success is to prepare, be organize and be consistent. Keep huddles positive, informative, upbeat, and fun!

Here are a few Team Huddle Tips:

  • Create a Huddle Agenda – Don’t just wing it! Have a purpose, a direction, a focus for your huddle. (Bonus: We have an outline/template for a Huddle Agenda that you can download below!)
  • Celebrate Teams Wins – Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts. Celebrate your team’s victories, even the smallest.
  • Keep it Upbeat – Focus on the positives. Brainstorm with your team on how to overcome current challenges.
  • Keep it Informative – Communication is key! Communicate any issues or challenges, updates on products, backorders, staff shortages, broken equipment, etc.



To help you establish and run team huddles, we’ve included a Huddle Agenda for you to download and use as a guide in your own business.


Once you hold your first team huddle, make sure you hold them regularly (either daily or weekly) so that they become a consistent part of your business. Doing so will elevate your team communication tremendously.

We hope you enjoy this tool!

If you need help maximizing the tool or if you want some customized strategy on improving your salon’s level of performance, sign up for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with an Empowering You Coach. We’d love to dig in deeper and get to know you and your business.