None of us knew coming into 2020 that we would have to re-plan and reset the way we do business.

Now that many salons and spas across the nation are starting to reopen, it’s time we prepare ourselves and know when and how to put our plan into action.

Watch this training to learn some new business approaches that will set you up for success come opening day:

Use this Success Systems Chart handout to follow along during the video training:


Predictable success means to have systems in place and meeting your goals. Here are 5 things to keep you on track to do exactly that!

1.) Back-burner to Action

Write down all the projects you’ve been putting off, professional and personal, and choose one to focus on at a time. Ask yourself, “What’s the impact if I take this project on? “Why is this important to achieve?” Give yourself a date that you will have it completed by and reward yourself after!

2.) Be Strategic

Working hard without having a plan is just spinning your wheels and never really getting anywhere. If you have a plan, you must know how to implement it. Step back and look at each step and how you are going to accomplish each task.

3.) Vision for the Future 

The key to a successful long term plan is to look at what you want in a year, 5 years, 10 years, whatever it may be, and that way you can ask yourself what you need to put in place right now to get there. Make sure that you reassess your actions, are you making progress? If you aren’t, it’s time to change up your actions. Be consistent and check in every day, week, and month to make sure you’re on the right path.

4.) Steps to Take to Evaluate Where You Are

What will be the new way of running your business? We often lose ourselves in our everyday lives but now, let’s take this time to reevaluate and envision what our business is going to be like when we open back up. Maybe you have noticed certain things about yourself that have grown stronger during this time at home and maybe things that you need to improve on. What is your new normal going to be?

5.) Knowing Where You Are Vs. Where You Are Going

Looking at all the branches of the Success Systems Chart, mark off what you do vs what you don’t do. Then, ask yourself “Does this work for me?” After assessing this chart, you now know what needs to shift and what actions need to be put into place.

Now that you’ve got the tools, start implementing them today!

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