Does chaos and scatter brain feel like second nature to you?

Attention owners: it’s time to stop normalizing being a busy bee!

I’m sure when you bought your business, you didn’t sing up to be the operations manager, marketing manager, financial manager, or HR.

However, most of you are still wearing all the hats and then wonder when it will ever slow down.

Newsflash: it never will without the right strategies.

Look at all the aspects of your business. Marketing, training, sales, finances, inventory, HR, etc; how often are you spending time in these areas? If the answer is all the time, then you’re in the right place!

Make time to work on your business – not in it

Think about your day to day schedule. Are you up to your neck with clients? Or are you constantly doing tasks that take away from actually working ON your business instead of in it? Shift your focus from being a busy technician, etc and start blocking out time in your calendar to work on your business so to lessen the chaos.


It’s great to have your values, mission, and vision but what’s even more important is that YOU are living in your culture. Your team follows your lead. If you aren’t showing up and living in the culture you set for your business, if you’re too distracted and too busy to show up with integrity, your team will do the same. Start by looking at you first.

Here’s 5 strategies that will catapult you back into the CEO you want to be.

Leader Coach

If you want your team to grow, you have to grow yourself. If your team doesn’t seem happy, motivated, or engaged, most likely it’s because they’re not being led right. Our leadership directly impacts how your team is doing, feeling, and producing.


Hiring begins with your values. Do they compliment your culture or deplete it? One of the biggest problems owners have is they have a hard time letting go of high-producing technicians that suck the life out of the business. The right person will come and you’ll be wondering why you waited so long!

Training and Development

No team member is perfect at everything. Focus on their strengths vs trying to get them stronger at things that aren’t their jam. This increases their engagement and they’re doing things they actually enjoy.

Shared Vision and Goals

Have you looked at this next year and how you want it to go? Get really clear with your team about what the vision and goal is for your business. Show them what will happen when you accomplish that goal and get everyone on the same page.


These are huge for your team to feel seen and heard. What are some acknowledgements that you can incorporate daily? This can have a huge impact on employee retention. Recognizing your team for their contributions to your business can mean everything.

There are so many more golden nuggets in this training so we encourage you to watch the magic unfold as Amy talks about how to be an outstanding leader, even if it doesn’t come natural to you.

So let’s shift out of the busy bee mindset and into CEO mindset! Your first step? Watch this training and start implementing the strategies TODAY.

If you want to get clear about what areas you’re lacking in when it comes to leadership, download the handout below and follow along with the video training.


The only way to grow your business and your team is to grow your leadership first. We’re offering $200 off of our Power Up Your Leadership program right now until February 5th. This program is for you if you know you need to step out of chaos and into your bad*** CEO title.

If you have more questions on how to grow your leadership skills, sign up today for a free strategy session and see how we can help design a map to success for you and your business.

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