When you think about having the perfect income, whatever that may be, what is standing in your way?

Sure, it’s a big question and a lot of people can all think of a million excuses of why they can’t
possibly earn what they want or what they deserve. But if you really think about it hard, what is
REALLY standing in your way?

When it comes to charging your worth, is it fear that your clients might leave you? Do you feel
guilty because of how much they have going on in their lives?

After your business opens back up, you’re going to be spending a lot more time and effort on
your clients and they’re going to be willing to pay more (especially with all the roots, split ends,
and at-home haircuts), so it’s not the time to discount just because guilt is creeping into your

It is not your job to manage your clients’ checkbooks. Don’t let that little voice in your
head dictate how you earn your money.

Here are some shifts you can make in your life that will retrain your mindset and help you start earning more than you realized possible:

Use this handout to follow along during the video training:


1.) Create from Abundance

The way we perceive and think about money starts when we’re young. If you have a negative
perception of money as something that doesn’t come easy, or that your clients are going to
leave you because you charge too much, then try shifting your thoughts and start asking
yourself why is it that you have these limiting beliefs. Once you answer that, you can reset the
way you think and start having the confidence to ask your worth.

2.) Think Long-Term

Don’t be disappointed if earning money doesn’t come to you quickly. It takes patience and
consistency to really see a difference. Simply asking for referrals consistently to every client
that sits in your chair. Building each relationship and growing those connections so that all of
those seeds that you’ve planted have turned into secured, long-term success.

3.) Be a Life Long Learner

Always be learning! Especially with this excess time that we have right now, it’s important to
think about what areas you can improve on. Maybe it’s taking some classes to improve your
technical skills or maybe it’s reading some books on communication skills.

4.) Lead with Value

How can you best serve your clients? Asking yourself where you can add value into your
services and your relationships with your clients letting them know you care, making them feel
good, and ensure that they keep coming back to you.

5.) Set Healthy Boundaries

Creating healthy boundaries is so important in your work life. In this industry, we tend to take
on more than what we can handle. When your businesses open back up, you may be tempted
to take on more clients. This can easily suck you into a rabbit hole. Set some boundaries with
your clients so that they respect you and value what you offer.

Choosing to have a growth mindset sets us up for long-term success and happiness.

It’s time to get out of our fixed mindset of negative thinking and take this time as an opportunity to better ourselves and get ready for more profits!


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